Pure nature

The concept of sustainability is nothing new on our farm, because appreciating and respecting the natural world has always been second nature to us. As farmers, we have been observing and following the natural cycle of life for centuries and conduct our actions and all activities on the farm accordingly.

For example, mountain farmers with livestock can contribute towards rural conservation and thus to the improvement of the landscape by letting their cattle graze the alpine pastures, meadows and mountain slopes. In addition, work on steep mountain meadows is often carried out manually without the use of large technical equipment. This can help prevent landslides or avalanches.

In our house and in the apartments, we have the privilege of enjoying fresh, clear spring water, and fragrant, hygienically clean laundry that is washed on our premises without needing to travel long distances. We also separate our waste carefully and farmer Thomas takes it to the recycling centre in Fiss. We do everything we can to contribute towards sustainability as a way of expressing our gratitude for the gifts of nature.