The topic of sustainability is absolutely not new on our farm, because the appreciation of everything natural has always been an absolute matter of course here.
We have furnished our apartments with local wood, stone floors and high-quality fabrics to make you feel at home. The rustic ambience of the farmhouse is enhanced by carefully selected country house-style antiques and accessories and seasonal decorations consisting of flowers, branches and fruits.

The circle of life

As farmers, we have been observing and taking into account the natural cycle of life for centuries and orienting our actions and all activities on the farm accordingly.

For example, mountain farmers with livestock can contribute to the maintenance of the landscape and thus to the improvement of the landscape by letting their cattle graze the alpine pastures, meadows and mountain slopes. But also on mountain meadows on steep slopes, work is often done without the use of large technical equipment and by hand. In this way, landslides or avalanches can be avoided.


Grown up in Fiss, surrounded by lush meadows, it is only good to understand that the contact with flowers and herbs in a very natural way, often begins as a child. Whether it is tying a wreath of flowers, whistling with a blade of grass, but also small aches and pains are immediately "doctored" in nature by Mother Nature, what helps where and when, is often passed on by grandparents in a loving way.

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From spring to autumn, Mother Nature presents us with many delicacies, be it the fruit on the trees, the fruit of the bushes or the vegetables in the cottage garden. There are no limits to creativity here! Imaginative jams or chutneys, herbal syrups or liqueurs, soup seasonings and herbal salts - every year delicious variations are created in Ulrike's kitchen.

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Since summer 2016, we have also been running a small sawmill in Fiss and are trying to continue this oldest trade in Fiss in the spirit of Ulrike's late father. The order situation in the sawmill business has changed a lot in the last few years, many sawmills are closing their doors, but because many farmers still have their own wood cut by us, and many of the fences and boards in the ski area and bike park come from our sawmill, we can still continue this "hobby".

Your apartment on our luxury farm

Farm Wachter

Thomas and Ulrike Wachter

Dorfstrasse 38, 6533 Fiss

Tyrol / Austria


+43 5476 6419



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